Durango Bike Shuttle (Also See: Durango Day Tours)

From mid-May through the end of October each season, Hermosa Tours offers a Durango bike shuttle service to the various trailheads in the surrounding San Juan Mountains. This is a convenient way for you to enjoy some of Durango’s point-to-point trails without the hassle of a 2-car shuttle or a grueling climb.

An important note about our Durango bike shuttle: our bike shuttle is not a cheap guided tour option. What do we mean by this? Please don’t call us and ask us to outline every trail in Durango and plan an itinerary for you. That is our guided, Durango Day Tour service and we’d be happy to show you the trails. Our Durango bike shuttle service is for riders who know what they want to ride and simply need a lift to the trailhead. Think of it as a taxi ride.

How does our Durango bike shuttle service work? Give us a call (877-765-5682) anytime prior to the “day of” and we will schedule you on a shuttle if we have one going. The prices and minimums are shown below. Please note: we can’t always run our Durango bike shuttle. Most times we can, but please understand we’re just too busy sometimes!