The AZT Expeditions Story

Arizona Trail Expeditions is a division of Hermosa Tours, LLC located in Sedona, AZ. AZT Expeditions is program offered in direct partnership with the Arizona Trail Association with the goal of supporting multi-day expeditions for mountain bikers and hikers along the 800+ mile Arizona National Scenic Trail.

Arizona Trail Expeditions trips are largely operated as “self-guided” adventures. Hikers and mountain bikers are responsible for guiding themselves down the trail and cooking for themselves at camp. Arizona Trail Expeditions meets them at predetermined camp locations along the trail with a deluxe kitchen, water, chairs, firewood, their personal gear and other amenities.

At the core of our mission is a love of the Arizona National Scenic Trail. Stretching from the Mexican border to the south to the Utah border to the north, the ANST is one of the most diverse and special trail resources in the entire country. Proceeds from your trip go to the ATA and we as an organization are committed to maintaining the trail.