The Hermosa Menu by Cyprus Cafe

The Hermosa Menu by Cyprus Café

Premier destinations, crown jewel rides and comfortable amenities are all part of the Hermosa Tours’ mountain bike tour experience. We think your culinary experience should match. Hermosa Tours has partnered up with Alison Dance and Cyprus Café to design a delightful menu for select tours on our schedule.

We felt that if we wanted an excellent, professional menu we should go to the people who “know food” much better than we do. Alison and Cyprus Café not only designed the menu for us, but also taught us how to prepare and serve it!! We couldn’t be happier with the results.

Alison Dance and Cyprus Cafe

Owner Alison Dance loves good food, good wines, and good music. Cyprus Cafe is a joyous expression of all three, bursting with flavors and, in the summer, the sound of a patio jazz trio.

“Mediterranean country cooking” is how Alison describes the seasonal menus she and her staff design – simple, healthy, and tasty. Cyprus Cafe uses local organic produce and meats, and sustainably harvested seafood to create meals that are as delicious as they are beautiful. Her meals fuse the best of Italian, Greek, North African and Southwest American flavors.

A native Coloradoan, Alison has been in the restaurant business since she was 11 years old, opening her first pizzeria and art gallery in the Lower Haight of San Francisco when she was just 23. It was an artistic and commercial success until the early 80’s when Alison moved on to Asimakopoulos Cafe, a Greek restaurant located on sunny Potrero Hill. She started as a dining room manager there and soon became an owner and executive chef. Alison guided the Cafe to new heights, winning numerous awards and credentials for excellence while honing her skills working with chefs from around the Mediterranean Sea. Two awards stand out for Alison: San Francisco’s Focus Magazine’s Best Greek Restaurant and an award from Bill Moyer’s for Companies that Care. Alison returned to Durango (she had attended Fort Lewis College) to open the Cyprus Cafe in 1996.

Whether you choose to dine at the restaurant, or drop in to listen to live Jazz on a warm summer evening, or have Alison design and cater your special party, you’ll have a great meal – and a great experience – at the Cyprus Cafe.