Our Arizona Trail mountain bike tour is truly a hidden gem. Deep in the Sonoran Desert in southern Arizona lies one of the finest stretches of singletrack anywhere – The Arizona Trail between Oracle, AZ and Superior, AZ. We often use the word “remote”, but this section of trail may take the cake. It’s OUT there. Despite being one of the hottest deserts in North America the Sonoran Desert is teaming with life. Gila monsters, desert tortoise, javelinas, rattlesnakes and countless types of cactus permeate the landscape. Rugged and unforgiving as it is beautiful – it is magical world many of us do not get to experience often.

This is a self-guided tour, but not like our others. We mandate the following: GPS with the AZ Trail track from loaded, latex or Slime tubes (and plenty of them), 100oz hydration bladder and at least one water bottle mounted on the bike, and beefy tires. A little preparation goes a long way on this trip. Our goal is not to scare you, but simply be prepared for a great time mountain biking the Arizona Trail.

We created this Arizona Trail mountain bike tour for those who don’t want a guide, don’t want to be supported during the week and generally just want their own self-serve adventure with a bit of logistical assistance. Each day we relocate a very deluxe camp setup (provided by Ready Camp) of (2) 10×10 canopies, full kitchen, dry firewood, camp chairs, fresh water, coolers of food and beverages (you purchase prior to trip) and all your personal gear like tents, bags and clothing. You can go as cheap or deluxe as you want on food, beverages and amenities!!

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Arrival Day:


Our meeting point for this trip is Apache Junction, AZ at Junction Bicycle. The day before the trip starts you can pick up a cooler (if needed) from us to do your shopping for the week.


Day One:


The beginning of the trail from Oracle takes you up and down on narrow singletrack crossing 5 or 6 washes. Distant views of Antelope Peak, our night’s destination, reveal themselves periodically. Behind us we can see the northern slopes of Mount Lemmon, Tucson’s signature peak. The vegetation in this area consists mainly of low-lying cacti such as prickly pear and chollas.


Day Two:


The second day of your journey marks the transition into the more stunning final 3 days of purpose-built singletrack, flowy trails and rugged, jaw-dropping terrain. Right from the gate riders are treated to some fast, flowy singletrack into the “Boulders” section of the AZT. The sky-scraping spires of the Gila Canyons…


Day Three:


Riding away from camp on even more great bench cut singletrack you’ll wrap around a ridge and slowly merge into the Gila River corridor. The trail in this section is stunning – excellent contouring grades through thick Saguaro forests with the Gila River gently flowing beneath us to our left for the entire day…


Day Four:


Day 4 is truly a “queen’s stage” that starts with a very sizeable climb up through the Gila Canyons. The route today will leave an imprint of desert beauty and diversity on riders as they head home and for weeks afterward. Simply put this final day is one of the best days of singletrack riding you’ll get anywhere, anytime…

What’s Included in My Trip?


    • Shuttle Van and driver
    • Luggage, gear and cooler/food relocation
    • Ready Camp kitchen and general gear


Not Included


    • Alcoholic Beverages – we can haul and keep them cold though!
    • Lodging
    • Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner
    • Weather Control – Mother Nature has a mind of her own
    • Bikes





Q – Where do we get coolers from you guys to pack our food in?


A – The day before your trip starts you can call your driver/guide and set up a meeting time.


Q – How much gear can I pack?


A – Space is not infinite in our trailer. We ask that you pack smartly in one duffel, plus your tents and sleeping bag. Leave your bike stands, hibachi’s and bath tubs at home.


Q – What happens if I have a mechanical or injury and get stranded out there?


A – Our trips are truly self-guided and there is no Hermosa Tours extraction team! We suggest bringing a SPOT Messenger or satellite phone and know how to repair your own bike.


Q – What’s a good tire choice for this trip?


A – The Continental Mountain King II is a great choice for the tough Arizona Trail terrain. You might even consider the UST version for extra protection. For this trip you MUST HAVE sealant in your tires like Slime or latex.


Q – What do I bring?


A – We supply a full kitchen, water, firewood, chairs, tables, etc. You’ll need your tent, sleeping bag, sleeping gear, bike, clothing and personal items.


Q – What’s the shower situation?


A – Beginning in 2014 we will have a gravity/solar shower on the trip. This works great for a quick rinse off and refresh.


Q – Where do I shop for food for this trip?


A – In Apache Junction, AZ there are a few choices. Safeway, Walmart Supercenter and Fry’s are all in the area.


Q – Can I rent a bike for this trip?


A – Yes you can. Arizona Outback Adventures can take care of you and even deliver your rental bike to your hotel.


Q – How do I navigate the route?


A – Prior to the trip we will furnish you with a link to get a digital map pack from The pack includes printable maps and a complete GPX file for your GPS unit


Phoenix International Airport has plenty of flights each day and is less than an hour away from Apache Junction, AZ.