Stretching 78 miles from Prescott National Forest in the north, along the foothills of the Bradshaw Mountains throughout, and finally terminating at the Carefree Highway just north of Phoenix the Black Canyon Trail is an incredible resource for mountain bikers in Central Arizona. Miles and miles of purpose-built singletrack snakes it way through the beautiful Sonoran Desert landscape. This trip is a great choice for intermediate riders looking for a reasonable challenge on singletrack. This tour also makes a great companion to a few ride days in Sedona before or after your trip.

We created this trip for those who don’t want a guide, don’t want to be supported during the week and generally just want their own self-serve adventure with a bit of logistical assistance. Each day we relocate a very deluxe camp setup (provided by Ready Camp) of (2) 10×10 canopies, full kitchen, dry firewood, camp chairs, fresh water, coolers of food and beverages (you purchase prior to trip) and all your personal gear like tents, bags and clothing. You can go as cheap or deluxe as you want on food, beverages and amenities!!

Arrival Day:


Our meeting point for this trip is Hampton Inn & Suites just north of Phoenix, AZ. The day before the trip starts you can pick up a cooler (if needed) from us to do your shopping for the weekend. On Friday morning we will meet at 7:30am then shuttle to the start of the Black Canyon Trail.


Day 1:


Day one you’ll start your ride on the Big Bug segment pedaling away from Highway 69 into the Prescott National Forest. Today’s riding is the highest point of the entire route, and as a result, the topography is much more high desert before dropping down into the Bumblebee area saturated with scores of saguaro cactus. Today’s ride is a net downhill and a great way to start your trip. Ride length is about 25 miles…


Day 2:


The second day of your journey you’ll really be diving into some of the quintessential terrain that makes up the Black Canyon Trail. Today you’ll ride across breath-taking mesas, along gorgeous bench cut singletrack through thousands of cactus and above deep canyons of the Agua Fria River. Ride length is about 22 miles…


Day 3:


Your final day begins with more incredible riding in the heart of the Black Canyon Trail featured terrain before it gives way to wide open desert flatlands zooming in and out of saguaro cactus. Your shuttle van will be waiting at the Carefree Highway and we’ll get you back to the Hampton Inn at a reasonable time that afternoon. Ride length is about 22 miles…

What’s Included in My Trip?


  • Shuttle Van and driver
  • Luggage, gear and cooler/food relocation
  • Ready Camp kitchen and general gear


Not Included


  • Alcoholic Beverages – we can haul and keep them cold though!
  • Lodging
  • Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner
  • Weather Control – Mother Nature has a mind of her own
  • Bikes

Q – Where do we get coolers from you guys to pack our food in?


A – The day before your trip starts you can call your driver/guide and set up a meeting time. We meet at the Happy Valley I-17 exit north of Phoenix at the Hampton Inn & Suites


Q – How much gear can I pack?


A – Space is not infinite in our trailer. We ask that you pack smartly in one duffel, plus your tents and sleeping bag. Leave your bike stands, hibachi’s and bath tubs at home.


Q – What happens if I have a mechanical or injury and get stranded out there?


A – Our trips are truly self-guided and there is no Hermosa Tours extraction team! We suggest bringing a SPOT Messenger or satellite phone and know how to repair your own bike.


Q – What’s a good tire choice for this trip?


A – The Continental Mountain King II is a great choice for the tough Black Canyon Trail terrain. You might even consider the UST version for extra protection. For this trip you MUST HAVE sealant in your tires like Slime or latex.


Q – What do I bring?


A – We supply a full kitchen, water, firewood, chairs, tables, etc. You’ll need your tent, sleeping bag, sleeping gear, bike, clothing and personal items.


Q – What’s the shower situation?


A – Beginning in 2014 we will have a gravity/solar shower on the trip. This works great for a quick rinse off and refresh.


Q – Where do I shop for food for this trip?


A – In North Phoenix, AZ at the Happy Valley exit off I-17 there are a few choices such as the Walmart Supercenter.


Q – Can I rent a bike for this trip?


A – Yes you can. Arizona Outback Adventures can take care of you and even deliver your rental bike to your hotel.


Q – How do I navigate the route?


A – The Black Canyon Trail is pretty well marked and not very tough to follow. Also to date there hasn’t been a solid map source produced, but we’re hoping to have a GPS track soon.