The singletrack and scenery of the Durango High Country tour are second to none. The San Juan Mountain Range has been referred to as “America’s Alps”..a comparison with which we think you will agree. Hermosa Tours’ expert guides will take you on some of the area’s most classic routes, as well as a few special home-cooked secrets that surprise even Durango veterans.

Our base camp for this tour will be Silverpick Lodge. Tucked away in a quiet mountain setting, this village of private condo retreats features a flowing indoor/outdoor patio area complete with barbeques, a pool, and no fewer than three hot tubs. Each day after your ride we encourage you to grab a shower or soak in the hot tub before settling in next to the campfire! While you relax under the clear Rocky Mountain skies, let our guides fire up the BBQ for the night’s meal as well as clean and professionally tune your bike in anticipation of the next day’s adventure.

We’ll roll out early each morning to get ahead of the unpredictable weather that so often moves in during summer afternoons in the high mountains. This one of the primary reasons we elect not to camp along the trail for this tour. We usher you a world class ride and help you unwind in the cushy comfort of Silverpick Lodge. “Ride hard and relax.”

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Day 1:


We begin with a short traverse on the sweet singletrack of the Colorado Trail before diving down a ribbon of singletrack in a drainage toward Hermosa Creek. We finish our day on the area’s classic: Hermosa Creek Trail…


Day 2:


Starting high in the mountains at Molas Pass, we once again start our ride on the Colorado Trail. This section of the Colorado Trail is known for it’s magnificent wildflower displays. We finish the ride by rounding Engineer Mountain and a fast descent through pine and aspen…


Day 3:


We begin at a high mountain lake and twist up more gorgeous Colorado Trail singletrack. After numerous ups and downs we reach Blackhawk Pass and begin one of the longer descents of the week, ending on a little-known, aspen-lined gem of a trail…


Day 4:


Today is often sighted as a client favorite. We traverse along the Colorado Trail to the north as numerous views appear from again and again. We finish with rollicking descent down a beautiful drainage in the shadow of Engineer Mountain…


Day 5:


Kennebec Pass – a Durango classic. This 5000-foot descent must be experienced by every mountain biker. After a challenging climb away from Junction Creek, we finish on 11 miles of almost all downhill all the way to Durango!…


What’s Included in My Trip?


  • Lodging Monday night to Friday morning
  • All meals Monday lunch to Friday lunch
  • (2) Expert Guides
  • All transportation from Monday morning to Friday afternoon – including pickup and drop-off in Durango, CO


Not Included


  • Alcoholic Beverages – we can haul and keep them cold though!
  • Lodging and transportation before and after the tour
  • Weather Control – Mother Nature has a mind of her own
  • Bikes – we can rent you a full-suspension bike for the week

Q – How technical is this trip?


A – This trip is not listed as advanced because it’s terribly technical, although there are sections you may want to walk. It’s advanced because it requires advanced fitness.


Q – What happens if I have a mechanical?


A – Your guide will be there to help out and get you going. It is important for you to carry your own tubes and other small parts related to your specific bike, such as a rear derailleur hanger.


Q – What’s a good tire choice for this trip?


A – The Continental Mountain King II is a great choice for this terrain. Pedal the Peaks in Durango, CO stocks these and more.


Q – What do I bring?


A – You’ll need your bike, gear and personal items. The key thing to bring is a good foul weather gear to endure some of the famous thunderstorms in the San Juan Mountains.


Q – Can we hang out in Durango a few nights during the trip?


A – If you get your own rental car or car up to Silverpick Lodge you’re welcome to head into Durango for the night. Unfortunately we won’t be able to facilitate this ourselves as it is 25 miles away from the Silverpick.


Q – What’s the menu like on this trip?


A – We like to think we really “do it up”. Linguini Puttanesca, Thai Coconut Curry with Chicken and Honey Mustard Chicken with Mediterranean Quinoa Salad are just a few items we serve on our trips.


Q – Can I rent a bike for this trip?


A – Yes you can. Second Avenue Sports in Durango, CO carries a lot of great bikes including our favorite, Yeti Cycles.


Q – How do I navigate the route?


A – Prior to the trip we will furnish you with a link to get a digital map pack from The pack includes printable maps and a complete GPX file for your GPS unit


Q – What time will we be back to Durango on the last day?


A – We usually get back to Durango around 2 or 3pm the final day.


Q – What if the listed dates don’t work for me?


A – You can choose custom dates if you get a group of 5 or more together for a private/custom trip.