Without debate Moab, Utah is one of the premier mountain biking destinations in the entire world. Trails such as Porcupine Rim, Slickrock and Amassa Back have been immortalized in magazines and travel photos for over 20 years. The seemingly endless slickrock and red rock formations and towering La Sal Mountains create a dramatic backdrop that you will find nowhere else.

Moab’s trails vary widely from extreme to quite easy. Moab can support everything from a group of padded-up, big hit bike warriors to the beginner family looking for some exercise and beautiful scenery. It is for this reason Hermosa Tours decided not to create a “standard” tour package. Instead, we offer Moab to you as a custom, private tour designed specifically to your group’s riding ability and desired trip length. Start dreaming!

Call for Custom Itinerary

What’s Included in My Trip?

  • Lodging or Camping Options
  • Camp meals or Moab eateries
  • All transportation during tour

Not Included

  • Alcoholic Beverages – we can haul and keep them cold though!
  • Lodging and transportation before and after the tour
  • Weather Control – Mother Nature has a mind of her own
  • Bikes – we can rent you a full-suspension bike for the week